Introducing Azat Kamaletdinov

I am pleased to introduce Azat Kamaletdinov, one of the most talented and creative Newschool style artist who has achieved great results thanks to his unique working method. In his profession, he is an illustrator and tattoo artist, which makes his work even more interesting and original. He is able to create custom tattoos based on his own illustrations, which are created together with the client. This approach allows for a very personal tattoo that emphasizes the individuality of each client. He always tries to make the tattoo fit beautifully on the body and become a harmonious decoration. He takes his work very seriously, so every tattoo he creates is a true work of art.

A Unique Working Method

I want to tell you a little more about his approach to creating a sketch for a tattoo, or in this case, an electronic art, as it is a real artist’s work. 

The project begins with a consultation where the idea is created together with the client and the details of the future tattoo are discussed. Azat says he always tries to come up with an interesting story. For example, in this work, the client wanted a cat and something related to Japanese style. They decided to use a classic Japanese engraving as a basis but execute it in the style in which Azat works.

Combining Illustration and Tattoo Artistry

The next stage is creating a sketch directly on the client’s body. Azat says that only in this way can he achieve maximum understanding of such aspects as size, detailing, positioning on the body, overall silhouette of the sketch, and how it works with the anatomy of this particular client’s body.

From skin to sketch

Once the sketch is complete, Azat, the artist, begins the process of drawing the linear art. 

With tools in hand, Azat carefully creates each line, considering placement, thickness, and direction.

The Power of Light and Shadow

Next, Azat delves into the intricate work of light and shadow, akin to that of a skilled light director. This crucial phase lays the foundation for a contrasting and expressive composition. With a keen eye for detail, Azat strategically manipulates light and shadow to enhance the form and bring the artwork to life. By skillfully playing with highlights and shadows, they create a sense of depth, volume, and realism. This interplay of light and shadow adds a captivating dimension to the artwork, accentuating its visual impact and evoking a range of emotions in the viewer.

Adding Color and Detail

In the final stage, Azat moves on to the creation of color and meticulous attention to detail. This transformative phase goes beyond simply painting the form in color; it involves a conscious effort to infuse depth and accentuate key elements. With a masterful touch, Azat carefully selects and applies colors that harmonize with the overall composition, bringing the artwork to life. They skillfully use shading and highlighting techniques to create a sense of depth, making the image leap off the canvas. Every minute detail is given meticulous attention, ensuring that each element contributes to the overall impact of the artwork. This stage is where the artwork truly flourishes, as Azat’s artistic vision and technical prowess converge to produce a vibrant and captivating masterpiece.

Emphasizing Key Elements

Indeed, Azat’s attention to detail is a defining aspect of their artistic process. By meticulously emphasizing the intricacies and nuances of the subject matter, the artwork has gained a remarkable sense of volume and depth. Through careful observation and deliberate execution, Azat skillfully highlights the key details that contribute to the overall expressiveness of the image. Each stroke and brushstroke serves a purpose, enhancing the visual impact and captivating the viewer’s attention. The interplay of light and shadow, coupled with the meticulous emphasis on these main details, has elevated the artwork to new heights, imbuing it with a mesmerizing quality that draws viewers into a world of visual wonder.

Embracing Attention to Detail

Azat believes that creating the sketch is at least half of the tattoo creation process, solving all creative tasks. The technical part involves applying electronic art to the body, ensuring it integrates well. By combining their creative and technical skills, Azat brings the sketch to life, creating captivating and personalized tattoos.

Minimizing Mistakes Through Preparation

Azat’s approach to work involves thoroughly developing the design and conducting creative experiments before using the tattoo machine. This meticulous preparation allows them to execute the process artistically and minimize the risk of mistakes. By dedicating time to this creative groundwork, Azat ensures a high level of artistry and avoids potential errors that would be difficult to rectify without prior preparation.

Time, Skill, and Uniqueness

Azat dedicated three full working days to the illustration phase and an additional two days for the tattooing process. This extensive time investment, combined with their high level of artistic and tattooing skills, contributes to the uniqueness of their work. The meticulous approach taken by Azat ensures a truly exceptional result, one that you can proudly wear. The combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and careful execution guarantees a tattoo that stands out and brings a sense of pride to the wearer.

Award-Winning Tattoo at Antwerp Tattoo Convention 2023

The tattoo, created by Azat at the Antwerp Tattoo Convention 2023, achieved remarkable success by winning two top awards. The recognition received at the convention further highlights the exceptional artistry and skill demonstrated by Azat. This achievement is a testament to their dedication, talent, and ability to create outstanding tattoos that captivate and impress both judges and enthusiasts in the tattoo community.

Written by Tom Vansteeland on 17/05

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