A Journey Through the Dublin Tattoo Convention with Perry Rule

The Dublin Tattoo Convention is not just a gathering of tattoo enthusiasts and artists; it’s a celebration of ink, culture, and creativity. Over the years, this event has evolved into a colossal spectacle, attracting talent from around the globe and establishing itself as a vibrant hub of tattoo culture. In this exclusive interview with Perry Rule, an integral part of the convention’s organization, we delve into its history, unique features, and what to expect from this year’s edition.


A Storied History:

Perry Rule reminisces about his initial encounter with the Dublin Tattoo Convention, dating back to around 2001. Organized by Paddy O’Donohoe, it was a pioneering event that left a lasting impression on Perry. Since then, the convention has moved to various venues and steadily grown in stature. In 2023, Perry and his team took the reins, making it the largest tattoo convention in Irish history.


Dublin's Unique Allure:

Dublin’s reputation as a vibrant city with plenty of entertainment options sets the stage for the convention. Beyond the ink, attendees can revel in fire acts like the renowned Fuel Girls, captivating magic shows, and classic cabaret performances, including the Sin City side show. The convention’s organized parties each night foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


The Ultimate Tattoo Experience:

Expectations for this year’s convention are high, with thrilling performances, larger-than-life art exhibitions, and an expanded roster of world-class tattooists. Attendees can also explore carefully curated lifestyle market stalls for a unique shopping experience.

Celebrating Tattoo Culture:

The convention is a testament to the diverse world of tattoo artistry. Whether you’re into black and grey realism or seeking new, innovative styles, you’ll find something to pique your interest at the Dublin Tattoo Convention.

Competing for Glory:

Tattoo competitions are a focal point of the convention, with a unique judging approach that relies on tokens distributed by industry professionals. The coveted handcrafted trophies await the winners of these fierce artistic battles.

Hygiene and Safety First:

In the tattoo industry, hygiene and safety are paramount. The Dublin Tattoo Convention maintains the highest standards by hand-picking registered, experienced professionals. Each booth is equipped with clinical waste disposal facilities to ensure the utmost cleanliness.

Getting Inked: A First-Timer's Guide:

For those contemplating getting inked at the convention for the first time, Perry advises exploring artists’ portfolios and discussing your desired design and appointment time with them. Don’t fret if an artist is fully booked; consider planning a trip to visit them at their studio.

Tattoos with Stories:

Tattoos often carry personal narratives, but amid the bustling convention, stories are sometimes lost. Perry emphasizes that tattoos don’t always require deep meanings; they can simply be beautiful, meaningful expressions of art.

Staying Relevant in a Changing Landscape:

The Dublin Tattoo Convention stays relevant by continually attracting top talent and embracing the ever-evolving world of tattoo art and culture. Perry and his team ensure that the convention remains a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive event.


A Memorable Experience Awaits:

Perry Rule’s parting advice to first-time attendees: come with an open mind, be respectful, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. Dublin Tattoo Convention promises a memorable and enjoyable experience filled with camaraderie, creativity, and, of course, incredible ink.


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