Tattogoogenda had the privilege of sitting down with Dmitrii Palkin, a 33-year-old tattoo artist hailing from the frigid landscapes of Murmansk, Russia. Dmitrii’s artistic journey is a compelling narrative that weaves through family traditions, academic pursuits, and an unyielding passion for the tattooing craft.

Early Years and Artistic Aspirations:

Dmitrii’s artistic inclination began at a tender age, where he experimented with henna kits at 10, sketching tribal designs that reflected the fashion of the time. The dream of becoming a tattoo artist took root early, evolving into the creation of a homemade tattoo machine at 13, fashioned from everyday items. Despite familial expectations to pursue a more traditional career, Dmitrii’s fascination with tattoos persisted.

Artistic Roots and Family Traditions:

Growing up in a city with a strong maritime influence, Dmitrii’s family was deeply connected to the world of ships. From captains to shipbuilders, his lineage was steeped in maritime heritage. However, this tradition took an unexpected turn with Dmitrii’s pursuit of tattoo artistry, deviating from the family’s seafaring legacy.

The Journey to Tattoo Artistry:

Upon relocating to St. Petersburg, Dmitrii revived his childhood dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist. His journey involved relentless dedication, not only to perfecting the art of tattooing but also to building a personal brand. Dmitrii’s online presence, boasting 90 thousand Instagram and over 300 thousand TikTok followers, is a testament to his commitment and passion for the craft.

Continuous Learning and Passion for Tattooing:

Dmitrii emphasizes that learning in the tattoo industry is an ongoing process. He acknowledges the rapid evolution of tattoo trends and the necessity of staying attuned to them. His enthusiasm for the craft has only deepened over the seven years of his tattooing career, fueled by positive feedback, invitations to prestigious events, and recognition from peers.

Diverse Tattoo Styles:

When asked about his tattoo style, Dmitrii finds it challenging to confine himself to a single category. His eclectic repertoire includes Black and White Realism, Microrealism, Graphic, Geometric, Maori, and Fine Line tattoos, all encapsulated under the broad umbrella of black and white tattooing.

Challenges and Mastery:

While reflecting on his artistic journey, Dmitrii admits that working with color has been the most challenging aspect. Despite harboring future aspirations to explore color tattoos, he presently revels in the clarity and familiarity of black and white hues, where he feels most in his element.

Critical Elements in Tattoo Designs:

Dmitrii places significant importance on the placement and harmony of tattoos with the body’s physiology. His commitment extends beyond aesthetics; he runs a social project providing free scar-covering tattoos for those with challenging life stories, shedding light on the unnoticed struggles many face.

The Satisfying Essence of Tattooing:

For Dmitrii, the most gratifying part of the tattooing process is the act itself, likening it to a meditative experience. Engaging with people and listening to their life stories during the tattooing process energizes him, making it a deeply fulfilling endeavor.

Future Aspirations and Ambitions:

Looking ahead, Dmitrii shares his ambitious plans for the future. From participating in the TV show “Ink Masters” to expanding his media presence on YouTube, teaching his unique tattooing methodology, and collaborating with celebrities and renowned tattoo artists, Dmitrii’s journey is poised for exciting growth.

Dmitrii Palkin’s story is one of resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to evolving as an artist in the dynamic world of tattooing. As he continues to leave his indelible mark on the industry, Tattogoogenda eagerly anticipates the next chapter in this extraordinary artistic odyssey.

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The Design Process

The Design Process

Family Background

Family Background

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