Tired of appointment chaos?

Get organized with TattooGenda! Manage bookings, deposits and artist schedules.

Manage your bookings

Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined management. Simplify your tattoo business!


Customer info

When making new bookings, the list of dates gets automatically emailed to your customer.
No more writing mistakes.

Digital deposit payments

Easily manage and track deposits.
Know instantly if a deposit
has been paid.
Say goodbye to deposit confusion!


Automated notifications

send automated reminders via SMS and email prior to customer appointments to reduce no shows.


Manage your shop all from one place!

Easy to use software

Envisioned by a tattoo artist and studio owner.
Developed for artists and studio’s on top of their game!
Get organized with tattoogenda
and keep digital track of your appointments and customers.

Tattoogenda solves your problems:

For single artists staying in their own studio, or traveling the world,
as well as for small to large studio’s looking to book their artists
as seemingly and effortlessly as possible.
Bring a customer-friendly & artist-friendly service to your tattoo studio
 with Tattoogenda’s tattoo studio software!

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