Valentine’s Day is a special time to celebrate the love and relationships in our lives, and what better way to show affection than with a tattoo! Whether you’re looking for something small and meaningful or larger and more decorative, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day tattoo ideas out there. Red roses, Cupid’s arrows, hearts, and lovebirds are all popular designs, and you can choose whichever fits your style best.

Of course, if you’re not ready for a permanent ink Valentine’s Day tattoo, temporary tattoos are also available in a range of Valentine-inspired designs. They make great gifts for loved ones too! No matter what Valentine’s Day tattoo idea you go with, it’s sure to be a loving reminder of the special people in your life.

1. Cupid tattoo

Cupid’s bow-and-arrow is a classic depiction of Valentine’s Day. The tattoo symbolizes romance and desire. Being struck by Cupid’s bow means you have fallen in love. You can do a Cupid tattoo in many ways.

A simple heart with an arrow going through or a cherub angel if you would like more detailed design. Tattoo artists usually create these tattoos with the fine line, black and grey work, and realism techniques.

2. Temporary tattoo

A permanent tattoo is a great way to express yourself aesthetically, and this is when temporary tattoos come into play as a wonderful alternative to expressing yourself in the form of a tattoo.

Trends come and go, we go through different phases throughout our lives, and a temporary tattoo is ideal for wanting to express yourself – for a limited time. Getting a temporary tattoo for the sake of Valentine’s Day is a super cute way to go all out and celebrate this romantic holiday.

Going to a tattoo shop and requesting a temporary tattoo is up and coming in the United States, so for the meantime, we are going back to our childhood ways and applying a tattoo with a warm towel and pressure for 2 minutes. Temporary Valentine tattoos can be ordered online via websites like or If you would like to customize your own tattoo, websites like are perfect for you

3. Half heart tattoo

A great matching tattoo for you and your partner is splitting a heart in half, one half for you and the other for your partner. This tattoo design is a subtle, simple way to share and express how your partner is your other half.

4. King and Queen tattoo

A tattoo representing how you and your partner feel about each other is another cute matching tattoo idea. The king and queen idea can be changed to two queens or two kings for you and your partner, or whatever best represents your relationship.

5. Roses tattoo

A classic tattoo like a rose is a great way to show your lover side for Valentine’s Day. A rose symbolizes love and beauty. There are many ways to create roses, or incorporate them into other tattoos. Artists have been tattooing roses for decades, and could bring your rose idea to

6. Love quote tattoo

If you have a favorite quote that represents your perception on love, you should share your love for it by getting it tattooed for Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a quote from a movie, a song lyric, or advice that has been passed onto you, tattoos like this share great, personal meaning. Your tattoo artist can help you decide on a font to choose to bring your tattoo to life.

7. Heartbeat tattoo

The heartbeat is one of the magical sounds to exist. Heartbeats represent life and the beauty that comes with it. Whether you are celebrating life, or remembering the life of another, this tattoo holds a loving, personal memory. These can be kept simple in the form of fine line work, or can be joined with many details depending on what or who your tattoo is for. These can be done in a traditional or fine line technique.

8. Sweethearts candy tattoo

A heart tattoo is a good tattoo for anyone to have. Doing it in the form of a sweethearts candy adds a quirky sense to a simple tattoo. Sweetheart candies are meant to have small, flirty phrases like “R U Mine” and “Be Mine”. This candy is particularly popular during the Valentine’s Day week.

9. Love potion tattoo

The magical potion to make someone or anyone fall in love with you. Or even the love you are bottling up until you find your perfect match. This is a cute tattoo and message that you can share.

10. couple tattoos that finish each other

Both separate tattoos can be standalone, but if you see them next to each other you understand the whole of it.

It can be text/words. Or it can be images that relate to each other.

Pretty breakup-risk free 🙂

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday that can be celebrated in a fun way. There are multiple tattoo ideas to show yourself and others how much love means to you. We hope you have found your perfect tattoo match within this article.


Valentine in a modern way represents a s^pecial day in the year where people celebrate their love for each other. It does not make you celebrate your love less on other days.

An angel with a bow and arrow symbolises cupid, the mascotte for valentines day.

Hearts, Cupid, Heart lock & key, arrows, heartbeat lines, roses, text that continues onto the other person, love potions, candy sweethearts, love quote’s, king & queen and half hearts. See some exaples in the article above.

Some valentine tattoo quote’s are ‘Love’, ‘Where there is love, there is life’, ‘Our stories’..+ .. ‘Will never end’, ‘Untill death do us part’ and ‘Love me for who I am’.

For sure. Either a matching one, a variant of each other, or a 2 tattoos that finish each other off. Like person A has the first part of a sentence, and person B has the second part of that sentence.
Or where 2 persons have each half a heart tattooed.

Ask your artist! Because if you have to search for inspiration yourself, you will find examples on the internet that other people already have. Or if you find some example you like, ask your artist to make a variation on it, but never just copy.

Valentine tattoos are mostly small. So they fit best on small body parts, like wrists. Girls often like it on the ribs under the bra. Or ancles are a popular choice to.

Is my relationship likely to last? Is it not mentioning an exact name? Can it have a second meaning besides to the person I do it for (for after a bad break up fe).

Depends on the artist and the design ofcourse. Prices can range from 50$ to 1500$. Consult with your favorit tattoo parlour about this, they’ll be happy to inform you.

Like any other tattoo, depending on the size to, it can be healed anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

3 weeks is a nice average.

Valentine tattoos are mostly small. So chances of a nice cover up are realistic.

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