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Azat Kamaletdinov: The European Tattoo Convention Experience

Experience the True Love Tattoo Convention in Europe through the eyes of renowned tattooist Kam Azat. In an interview with TattooGenda magazine, he uncovers the unique qualities of European shows while highlighting commonalities with conventions in his home country of Russia. Kam’s impressive skills and enthusiasm are on full display as he creates a one-of-a-kind design for a client, inspired by their love of Chevy vans and featuring a cartoony rat. Follow this rising star as he continues to make waves in the tattoo industry with his drive to try new things and create truly special designs.

Baltazar Paprocki: Creating a Watercolor Tattoo

Get to know the incredible journey of tattoo artist Baltazar Paprocki Neto – from doodles for TV cartoons to vibrant body art! In this revealing interview, explore his design process and technique while hearing tales from his early life in Brazil. Discover how he uses the canvas of skin as a medium for unique works of art, challenging himself with harmonizing colors and light strokes. From oil paintings to collages, learn about his sources of inspiration and why his favorite Disney figure is Captain Hook – an awe-inspiring story not to be missed!

Written interview with Lizzie Loveless

Meet Lizzie Loveless: inked model.

Get to know the inspiring story of Lizzie Loveless, a model-turned-artist who is carving her own path in the tattoo industry! With vibrant ink, a rebellious spirit and an undying ambition to succeed, this creative gal’s journey has been filled with hardship and self-expression. Facing judgement and discrimination due to her tattoos in the modelling industry, she shrugged it off with laughter – knowing that nothing should be judged on skin alone. Juggling a career with self-care, she has remained financially stable and is now Vegas-bound to shoot with renowned photographers before taking Hollywood by storm at Club Sinister. Hear all about her success from an icon of courage and resilience!