Photo model Bomba Boom (@bombaboom_sg) recently had the opportunity to be the hostess at the Brussels Tattoo convention, so we decided to ask her how it’s going. Here’s what she had to say.

It was her first time!

This was a first-time experience and she told us it was both exciting and overwhelming.

However, once the vibes started coming through it got better. Which we can definitely understand. If you were there and you saw how many visitors there were, chances are you’d be overwhelmed as well.

As far as her experience goes, she had a great time doing it! Well, she told us everyone including her was a bit tired from the afterparty that took place the night before – but that didn’t make a huge difference as the atmosphere was still great! Everyone’s friendliness only made the experience for her even better.

We were curious about how she practiced and well Bomba Boom shared a funny anecdote about practicing with a smaller microphone at home to talk to her squishmallows and husband.

And when we think about the future, she told us it’s definitely worth repeating. She told us she’d prepare it a little bit better in the future, but we have to say we can’t complain!

Would you guys like to present at a tattoo convention? Why (not)? Let us know down below!

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