Exploring the Inked Journey: A Conversation with Jessica Wood

Embarking on a journey into the world of inked modeling was not initially on Jessica Wood’s radar. In a recent interview, she shares the evolution of her passion for tattoos, the challenges of balancing her personal and professional life, and her hopes for the future.

Ink Evolution: From Personal Passion to Modeling

“I always knew I wanted to be heavily tattooed, but modeling wasn’t something I considered until a couple of years ago,” Jessica reflects. “If I had planned to model my ink before I started getting any, I think it would’ve massively impacted the kind of tattoos I got because I don’t stick to the same styles and I have different pieces by multiple artists.” Despite having only participated in a few professional shoots so far, Jessica expresses her enjoyment of the process. “Having some cool photos of yourself to look back on when you’re old will be pretty sick, so if more opportunities arise, then I’m definitely open to exploring them.”


Tattoo Tales: From Illicit Beginnings to Meaningful Memories

Recalling her first tattoo, a star with her late brother’s initials, Jessica shares the sentimental origin. “It was massively meaningful to me at the time, so I will honor him in ink somewhere else when it gets covered.” Her favorite tattoo, the traditional flower on her left palm, is the most recent addition, showcasing the dynamic nature of her inked canvas.

Navigating Stigmas and Challenges

Addressing the evolving perceptions of tattoos in various industries, Jessica notes, “Tattoo/body modification stigma isn’t as prevalent as it used to be.” She observes a shift toward more acceptance in workplaces, allowing individuals to express their individual style. As for balancing her personal life with a potential modeling career, Jessica humorously remarks, “I don’t have a career as an inked model… watch this space!” Juggling a cleaning business, studies in Creative Writing, and various side hustles, she admits that time constraints have deterred her from diving deeper into the modeling world.

Facing Judgment and Discrimination

Sharing instances of discrimination, Jessica recounts a rude comment from an elderly man and a recent denial of entry to a bar based on her tattoos. While she handled the former with grace, the latter left her less composed. These encounters highlight the ongoing challenges individuals with visible tattoos may face.

Future Aspirations and Meaningful Ink Ahead

Looking ahead, Jessica remains tight-lipped about specific future plans but emphasizes her belief in manifesting and working on goals privately. “Being happy and living a good quality life are my main goals, and anything else is a bonus.”

As for regrets about her ink, Jessica reflects, “They all represent different stages in my life, so I don’t regret any of them.” She looks forward to adding a tattoo in memory of her mother, making it her most meaningful piece yet.

Gratitude, Advice, and Exciting Plans

When asked about advice for her younger self, Jessica keeps it simple: “Stay single. Save money. Don’t cut your hair.” Expressing gratitude for her dogs, home, and the life she has built, Jessica reveals her most exciting future plan: “Eventually, I want to live within walking distance of the sea.”


In this candid conversation, Jessica Wood invites us into her world, where ink tells stories, challenges are faced head-on, and the future holds exciting possibilities.

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