Clémence Audiard is an adult movie star and a model, that recently went to a tattoo convention for the first time representing the Black Tape project!

As she doesn’t have any tattoos herself, it was a very interesting experience and we got to hear about it. Let’s take a look!

Redhead model against a wall

No tattoos?

Clémence currently doesn’t have any tattoos, but she mentioned she really wants to get some ink done. The problem is she started out her porn career without any tattoos on her body, so now she can’t really get tattooed, because it might affect her career.

Just walking around at the convention was hard and tempting for her, and lord do I understand her!

Her experience with the Black Tape project

Clémence told us she was actually very excited to participate in the Black Tape project, because she finds it very special. To be fair, it is very special!

This project can be seen as another way to celebrate the human body. It involves black electrical tape to create designs and patterns straight onto the skin, in a similar way to how makeup is applied – it accentuates the curves of the body! Some call it a form of temporary tattoos.

She told us she reached out to Joel (the creator of the BTP) and asked him if she could participate. Obviously, he must’ve said yes as she was very proudly representing the project at the Brussels Tattoo convention!

All of the other models there were American and as Clémence said: ‘’ of a very high level.’’ She was the only French girl (at least for that particular day) and told us she found it amazing! We can imagine how interacting with other artists of a higher level than you yourself think you are, can inspire and motivate you!  

Her first collab and future

This was Clémence’s first ‘big’ collaboration, which she’s very proud of and rightfully so!

For the future, she mentioned that she’s open to more project like this. Not necessarily tattoo-related, but she’d be happy to represent a big brand or a project like the Black Tape project.

Social media struggles?

When it comes to the social media pressure many influencers, models and any public figures experience, Clémence doesn’t have any!

She’s been a model for a few years now, so she’s very comfortable with being in the spotlight, which social media puts you in. She also told us she actually enjoys showing herself and being interviewed!

This was Clémence Audiard’s first hand experience at the Brussels Tattoo convention working for the Black Tape project.

If you guys were in her place, would you get tattooed despite your career or not? Elaborate down below!

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