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Since we created this mainly for ourselves, we consider ourselve a user. And here are our stories 😉

This page is filled with little situations we had in the past, problems we needed to solve, and things that just didn’t go right.. before we had TattooGenda.







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Let’s start off about the one-man shop account, which will be interesting for most of you.

Did you ever face the fact that you are all set up and ready to start your tattoo.. but.. the customer does not show up. Oh yes, we’ve all been there.
Excuses like ‘I forgot to come’,  ‘I thought it was tomorrow’ and ‘my dog ate the appointmentcard’ are now history!
And even better: no more disscussions about losing deposits or not.


With Tattoogenda you keep your appointments in your digital calendar, as well as your customer details. When you create appointments for a customer, they get an automated mail with the new dates in their mailbox.
First problem solved: No dog can eat a mailbox.
Also, we’re not saying you would ever accidentally write a wrong date on the card you hand to your client.. but no automated mail can miswrite a date.

Besides receiving the summary email in their mailbox, your customers can also receive an automated reminder SMS 24h before their actual appointment. You can choose how many hours before exactly.

Why no more discussion about losing deposits or not? Well, you can state your deposit rules clearly in those automated mail. That way your customer is informed without you having to spell it out for him/her.


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