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How to get started:

1. Make an account on
2. Fill in your company details, create artists and add users/receptionist.
3. Enter your existing customers list.
4. Enter your future appointments.
5. Check your accounts overview.

More explenation in these tutorial video's:

1/ Start with creating a new TattooGenda account.
Watch video below for more info:

2/ Enter your company details: opening hours, logo, adress, settings, ..
Enter your artists. The maximum amount of artists you can add depends on the accounttype you've choose while registering.
You can always upgrade later.
Also create an individual user for your receptionist, in case you have one.
View the video below:

3/ You probably have a list with existing customers. These needs to be entered into TattooGenda. Collect all your details from your paper or digital agenda, and get to it!

4/ A tattoo is a project. A project has 1 artist, 1 client, and 1 or multiple appointments.
In this video below you'll learn how you can enter a tattoo project with it's appointments.

5/ Overview of your account on TattooGenda.