TattooGenda is an an online platform, for tattoostudio's, to help them make bookings for clients and artists, manage customer details, send automatic reminders, keep track of deposits, ..

It's been designed by tattoo artists, and created by IT experts.

Why TattooGenda?

Over the last 7 years we have been constantly looking for the perfect way of making bookings in our tattostudio.

Our artists need to be able to focus on the artwork, and not on paperworks or management.

And our clients need to be informed and sheduled clear and without mistakes.

This digital tattoo appointment book, TattooGenda, helps us with it.

We work with receptionists who do bookings, but also our artists themselves can do this.

We surely don't want the clients to book tattoo appointments online for their own!

Our aim?

We designed/analysed this tattoo studio management software ourselves, but spend out the programming to experts.

Our receptionist handles 14 and more artists per day, with the help of TattooGenda.

We keep track of our tattoo shop customers details, we manage their deposits, cancelations, no-shows, ..

We shedule our guestartists digital tattoo artist appointment book from a distance, and then give them the logins

once they are fully booked, before their arrival. We want to give the best service to both sides, CUSTOMERS AND ARTISTS.

Our experience

Our clients are very satisfied with their list of bookings in their mailbox.

Our tattoo shop software, TattooGenda, also sends SMS reminders 24h before their apointment, and we've heard nothing but good comments from our customers about that.

Our guestartists who leave the studio after a short while, often continue to use out tattoo studio software in their own place at home.

Be a professional studio, now!

Have a nice day!